At The Pureganic Cafe, we know that health begins with our choices in food, and what we eat matters! Our delicious and clean menu includes food and drinks that are natural, sugar-free, low sodium, organic, plant-based, gluten free, dairy-free and kosher. Many of our customers are vegan or vegetarian, but there are also customers who are just looking for great yummy creative food that won’t make them feel heavy, bloated and sluggish throughout the day. Many of our customers report that after eating at our Cafe, they experience improved vitality and feelings of well being. Our extensive menu includes everything from breakfast to lunch, dinner, cold pressed juices and tasty desserts.

Our dedication to health and wellness extends beyond the menu and customized health plans we offer at the Cafe. We are constantly doing research to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and information regarding the food we eat and plant-based diets. This year, a documentary film titled “What the Health” was released; it sparked our interest because of the connection the film makes between the food we eat and a deterioration in our health, including diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, heart attacks and GERD. The documentary advocates for a plant-based diet as a way to improve health and to reduce the chances of illness.

The documentary has been advertised as “The Health Film That Health Organizations Don’t Want You To See” and critiques the impact of meat and dairy products on an individual’s overall health. Producer and writer Kip Andersen interviews physicians, clinical researchers, professional athletes, public health attorneys and many more—all agree that consuming meat and dairy products cause numerous serious health problems.

We know from experience that eating plant-based food can significantly improve your health—we have seen, firsthand, the significant changes that people can experience when following a clean diet. Many of our customers have experienced a reduction in blood sugar levels, a decrease in cholesterol, improvement in gastrointestinal function as well as other benefits. One success story features a customer who was being treated for diabetes and decided to take advantage of our customized meal plans. In the span of one month, he lost 20 lbs and his blood sugar levels dropped from 140 mg/dL to 79 mg/dL. His diabetes diagnosis was reversed and he has maintained his healthy, clean diet ever since.

If you are interested in learning more about clean eating and the benefits of following a healthy plant-based diet, we highly recommend you take the time to view “What The Health.” After, take a trip to our Cafe on Purchase Street in Rye. Our in-house nutritionist and Cafe owner, Moshira Soliman, would love to meet with you to create a customized meal plan that will fit your specific needs and preferences. If you are ready to take control of your health by focusing on a clean, whole, plant-based diet, visit The Pureganic Cafe today!