Pureganic Cafe was featured on the news again! This time, Lisa LaRocca from Hudson Valley’s News12 heads to Pureganic Cafe for a deliciously vegan Lunch with Lisa.

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News12 and Lisa know it’s good to eat your veggies and heard that The Pureganic Cafe was the place to go. Some people felt eating veggies is a chore, but Lisa is on a mission to show that eating veggies can be fun. So, she headed to Pureganic Cafe in Rye for a delicious variety of vegan foods.

“Eat your vegetables!” Lisa starts in her feature. “That’s what Mom always said. But these are not your mama’s vegetables,” she said.

Pureganic Cafe Owner Moshira Soliman served Lisa some of her favorite dishes from her vegan restaurant. Lisa ate a nutritious taco salad and buffalo cauliflower, and learned about eggless quiche, a mushroom and quinoa burger, and meatless meatballs for the kids. By the time she finished, she didn’t have any more room to try our other delicious tarts and sandwiches.

It’s these recipes and more that help Moshira get anyone to eat their veggies and gets The Pureganic Cafe such great reviews and coverage.

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Featured Foods

Vegan Taco Salad

Set in a crunchy bowl made out of a taco shell is a bed of romaine lettuce, black beans for some protein, a spoonful of pico salsa homemade with tomatoes and a little onion, freshly diced avocado and a heaping spoonful of guacamole, and another protein dose with quinoa. Drizzled on top is a special sauce that resembles sour cream, but of course is not. This is a very filling and light dish that makes you think twice that you’re actually eating vegetables!

White Bean Burger

Nestled between homemade gluten free buns sits a delightful white bean burger. Top it with a little bit of mushrooms and onion. Add some lettuce and a slice of tomato. All of a sudden you have a hearty meal that checks eating veggies off your list.

Eggless Quiche

Made from chickpeas, flour, cauliflower, bell pepper, and Swiss chard, this quiche will force you into a double take as it looks like it could be made with eggs. That’s not the case at Pureganic Cafe since we are a vegan restaurant. We leave out the animal products, but absolutely increase the flavor.

Meatless Meatball – Kid’s Favorite

The kids can’t get enough of these “meat” balls. Spoiler: there’s no meat! If you’re a parent who wants to give your kids a yummy reason to eat their veggies, treat them to this meal. Made with mushrooms, onion, and chia and topped with a savory special sauce, these sliders are the perfect finger food for even the youngest eaters.

Buffalo Cauliflower

Think your favorite chicken wing sauce, but instead of draped over the bird’s wing, it’s lathered over fresh cauliflower. Paired with the classic side of carrots and celery, this is a great alternative for the traditional saucy meal.

About Pureganic Cafe

Located on Purchase St. between Smith and Elm, Pureganic Cafe is a great stop for a quick and nutritious meal. In addition to being a great spot as Lisa identified in her feature story, Pureganic is a vegan catering restaurant. To take it one step further, we are available to help people create custom health plans. Pureganic’s owner, Moshira, is a clinical nutritionist with 15 years of counseling experience. It’s safe to say that Pureganic Cafe can do it all for a healthy eating lifestyle.

We believe health begins with your choices in food. Order online, stop by our cafe, plan an event with catering, or create your customized meal plan. We are here for you no matter your journey.

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