The Pureganic Cafe menu offers only yummy, fresh organic, gluten-free, dairy free, plant based foods, drinks, meal plans and cleanses. All their foods are Kosher and are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. For people who do not need to restrict their diets, the foods and drinks here are a amazing change from the heavy and generally unhealthy foods that most of us eat. To people who need to restrict their diet due to allergies or health issues, this is as close to heaven as you can get., The Pureganic Cafe is a safe haven for anyone who is concerned about being healthy and eating healthy and delicious food.

The Journal News, at, featured Moshira Soliman, owner of The Pureganic Cafe, in an article last week. In this article, Moshira mentions that veganism is often viewed as food that isn’t good, “I prefer to call our options plant based” Soliman told

Again, to non-vegans, “plant based” does not sound appetizing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not. The Pureganic Cafe works hard to make their food taste amazingly yummy. Once you try it, you will keep coming back because it is so tasty and makes you feel good as well.

The Food

Plant based, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free—the building blocks of a true healthy menu, and perfect for the health-conscious and people with dietary restrictions. At The Pureganic Cafe you can find everything you will need for a delicious and nutrition filled meal. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, soups, tarts, salads, specials, cold pressed juices, smoothies, cleanses, and other healthy drinks, you can stop in for a full meal or a healthy snack.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

We know a full vegan menu makes it hard to believe that we might actually serve great tasting food. So we will prove it. There are items on our breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus that will amaze you with great tastes.

Some of our tastiest breakfast items include:

  • ABn’B- This is gluten-free toast, with almond butter, banana, and drizzled with pure maple syrup.
  • Waffles- Homemade gluten-free, dairy-free waffles with fruit, garbanzo butter, and maple syrup.
  • Smashed Avocado on Toast- Gluten-free toast with guacamole, sliced avocado, and microgreens.

Lunch and dinner options include (all served with fruit salad and Alkaline Water):

  • “Turkey” Burger Lunch Box- White beans and mushroom “turkey” burger with sauteed onions and cranberry sauce served on a homemade gluten-free and dairy-free bun.
  • “Meatball” Sliders Lunch Box- Mushroom sliders served on a homemade gluten-free and dairy-free but with basil and marinara sauce.
  • Sundried Tomato And Basil Lunch Box- Sundried tomato and basil with mixed greens and tomato served as a gluten-free sandwich or wrap or on collard greens.
  • An amazing Savory Tart made with gluten free, dairy free ingredients and vegetables. It is hard to describe how good this tart is. Take a look at to see what we are talking about.

Sweet Treats

Our desserts are a sweet treat that you can enjoy while also being health conscious. These include:

  • Classic or strawberry cheezecake (gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar free).
  • Apply Tart – Fresh homemade gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free apple tart.
  • Pecan Tart (one of the most popular options)- Amazing gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and guilt free pecan tart!

The list goes on and on! We offer delicious options for soups, salads, specials, cold pressed juice, smoothies, and many other healthy drink options! If we went through all our tasty options we would be here all day! Be sure to check out our long menu to find the healthy, vegan, and yummy options you want to try!

In the article from, they mention the reason why our owner decided to make healthy food her life’s work, and it all started with a serious autoimmune disease. Sometimes, things in life occur that force us to change—our lifestyle, our bad habits, and, yes, even our diets.

Moshira was a private nutritionist, which inspired her all-vegan menu. Living off this type of diet may have saved her life, and if you happen to be diagnosed with a similar disease, that forces you to eat only clean healthy food, you will be glad a place like The Pureganic Cafe exists.

Now, everyone’s body is different. Every disease comes with different effects on these bodies and can be more harmful to some and barely noticeable to others. But many people have experienced an improvement in their health by switching to a plant based diet. Check out the story of Ada, who discovered she had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. She was supposed to be put on medication, but never was, and she believes it was due to the fact that she switched to an all vegan diet.

Not everyone with an illness will experience the miracles of a plant based diet, but it is worth a try. Healthy eating can do wonders to a body, whether or not you have health issues. Cutting out certain foods from your diet can improve your thinking, increase your energy levels, and make you feel happier and healthier. And, yes, even lose weight.

While vegan is an extreme diet choice, and the switch can be difficult, experimenting with it  could be worthwhile. Healthy living may be hard for someone who grew up on unhealthy food choices, people who don’t consider what they are putting into their body, or people who are unaware at how unhealthy the food they choose actually is, even if it seems healthy.

A vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be all about animal rights, hippie beliefs, or any other reason that is commonly assumed. It can simply about your health. If you are sick of feeling bad, being unhealthy, or just feel like you could improve your diet, veganism may be for you.

According to, a vegan diet is not, in fact, a diet—it is a lifestyle change. Following a vegan lifestyle means focusing on how you feel rather than the way you look. There are countless health benefits that are a result of following a plant-based diet including increased energy and productivity, improved overall wellness, disease prevention and more. Our health is our foundation, which is why we all need to take our health seriously and be conscious of what we are putting into our body. 

If you are up for the vegan challenge, let us help. The Pureganic Cafe can offer you plant based  food options for every and any meal of the day, whether you need a full meal or just a midday snack, we have you covered. We can also set up a meal plan for you to help make your transition to a healthier diet easier.

If you are hoping to improve your diet, want to live a healthier lifestyle, or have an ailment  that you think could be improved with a different diet, try going vegan. The Pureganic Cafe makes it easy to get the healthy and tasty food you want and need. Contact us today to learn more about our menu and our health-conscious cafe.