Today (10/02/2016) Pureganic gave a 45 minute interactive talk about the benefits of using a blender at the Wainwright House. The event was organized by the Rye YMCA for the LiveSTRONG Foundation and consisted of a series of educational workshops all in the vain of wellness.

Using a blender is fast and easy, the prep work and clean up take no time and the outcome is delicious, nutritious and customizable.

The opportunity to combined ingredients helps keep your diet full of important vitamins and minerals without having to fuss over a meal. Once you get the hang of the process it gets easier and easier the health benefits are abundant and the creativity is endless!


Keep it simple: While it’s true the combinations are endless, your body does best with fewer ingredients. Try to keep your list around 5 ingredients.

Switch it up: If you’re just starting to use your blender it might be easier for you to get into the routine of making the same smoothie over and over but, once you’ve gotten the rhythm its important to switch up your ingredients so you get a wide range of ingredients that you might otherwise be lacking in your diet.


“Does it matter which blender you use?”

There are many blenders out on the market and the truth is many of them are effective. The downside would be most of the good ones come with a price tag averaging $225. But a good blender is well worth its investment

“How important is it to use organic ingredients”

Because a smoothie is raw and mostly contains fruit and veggies it is really crucial to use only organic ingredients. Unfortunately our society uses hight amounts of pesticides on some of the most delicate of produce. For example, spinach or berries because they are so tender and the skin so thin, the use of sprays penetrate so deeply that they are saturated. No amount of washing or rinsing will undo the damage done.

“Why are my smoothies chalky?”

Generally this is will be attributed to the protein powder being used. Many proteins leave smoothies with a mineral chalk. Don’t get discouraged just try another brand. Also if you’re using any supplements check active and inactive ingredients.