Winning the Gamble with Gluten

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Nov 04,2020

Celiac is a disease to be reckoned with if not properly, and carefully handled. Gluten-free is more than a sensitivity in this case, it’s a threat of serious illness, and even death. Above all, finding a restaurant that understands the severity of food preparation and presentation in defense of true gluten-free food, is potentially one of the most difficult aspects of celiac. To take proper precautions when deciding to eat out, let’s take a look at the severity of celiac and what restaurants must do to ensure your safety.

“Gluten-free” has sparked interest in the eyes of society at an alarming rate over the last few years. With the new fad taking like wildfire, it has created a sort of false security for those with serious allergies and celiac disease. As a result, deciding to eat out can always be a gamble when you are dealing with something as serious as celiac. To ensure your safety here are a few precautionary questions and measures you can take before posing a threat to your health:

Call the Restaurant

If you know where you will be eating ahead of time, or know you want to try something new, call the restaurant ahead of time and ask to speak to the manager. Explain that you have celiac disease and need to be sure their food is trustworthy. Based on their tone and conversation, you are able to tell if they take their food preparation and gluten-free claim seriously, or if they’re just following a fad. If they give off a tone that is not open to discussing their preparation methods, don’t mess with them. Never feel bad for removing a restaurant off your list who won’t answer your questions with courtesy and attentiveness.

Follow Up

When you arrive at the restaurant, if you did in fact choose the one you called, ask to speak to the manager again. Feel free to reiterate the severity of your situation and be clear what you will need to have accommodated for your needs. Don’t be afraid to voice any preemptive concerns to them at this time, especially if they were confident in your previous phone conversation.

Menu Items

Once you sit, scour the menu to eliminate the items you are sure you cannot have. If there is not a clearly identifiable way to know what is safe and what is not, simply wait for the waiter/waitress. Once they arrive, explain your situation to them and again, be clear on the specifics of what is needed for you to safely dine at the restaurant.

Celiac demands attention to every detail, for no fault of your own. Understanding cross-contamination is one of the most crucial aspects of preparing gluten-free food. Using separate utensils for mixing, pans for baking, saucepans for frying, etc. can make or break a celiac individual’s risk of outbreak. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to be clear in their preparation process, to protect celiac customers.

At Pureganic Cafe, we confidently and boldly declare that our food is Celiac safe, and better yet, absolutely delicious. Using only real, organic foods in our preparation, you can trust our entire menu to be filled with flavor, color, and variety, with zero threat. Pureganic prides itself on being dairy-, gluten-, and animal-free in our entirety. Whether you choose to dine in, carry out, or have us deliver to you, you will never have to question the integrity of your food source. At Pureganic Cafe, we don’t take a chance on your safety or your satisfaction. Stop in or call today to try our beautiful array of menu options including juices, meal plans, and detoxes. Health starts with healthy choices in your food.

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