Custom Meal Plans

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Our Vegan Meal Plans

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Help you follow through and maintain your successful results from our cleanse programs.


Help you lose weight and keep off any weight you have lost with a healthy, balanced, and sustainable program of fresh foods and juices.


Provide healthy and delicious meals for you and your family, any time you feel like a change or just don’t have time to prepare a meal yourself.

Every meal plan begins with a discussion with our nutritionist about your objectives and lifestyle to better understand what will work most effectively for your specific needs. The plans are designed to conveniently help you eat delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals and snacks that will make you feel great and are good for you. Each meal will help you maintain your energy, detoxify your system, and in many cases, even help you lose weight. In conjunction with our nutritionist, you will choose from a daily menu that’s tasty, interesting, and satisfying

Each evening, you will receive your freshly prepared vegan diet meal plan for the next day

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  • A morning drink to help cleanse your system

  • A delicious healthy breakfast

  • A satisfying and healthy mid-morning snack

  • A tasty and nutritional lunch

  • A fulfilling and healthy mid-afternoon snack

  • A satisfying dinner that will not weigh you down, enabling you to get a good night’s rest so you wake up refreshed and energized for the next day

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The Benefits of Pureganic Healthy Meal Options

Our diet meal plan menus are designed and individualized to achieve one or many of the objectives listed below. You can order any of our diet meal plans through our nutritionist by calling (914) 967-2332. Go sign up for our newsletter and check out Moshira's new podcast. Also, follow us on social media to stay informed with everything Pureganic!

  • Help you lose and maintain your weight

  • Renew & rejuvenate your daily drive and energy

  • Detox your liver and various body systems 

  • Repair & rebalance your digestive system

  • Help rejuvenate and protect your Skin.

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Cleanse and Detox Your

Mind and Body

Cleansing is a great way to jumpstart your body’s natural detoxification process, reset your body’s metabolism, help your digestive system, and increase mental clarity. These cleanses combine with our diet meal plans to provide you with additional benefits. Cleanses can be customized to meet your specific objectives and fit with your diet meal plan. Please ask for an appointment with one of our nutritionists.

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Types of cleanses

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A combination of drinks and a soup to help clear your system and allow you to shed weight while feeling healthy, alert, and vibrant.


Liver Detox Hover.png

 A combination of drinks, tonics, shakes, and salad to help accelerate the detoxification process and help support your liver.


Just Juice Hover.png

A combination of drinks and juices to give your digestive system a break, help purify your system and rebalance your CHI.


Recharge Hover.png

 A combination of drinks, soup, and salad to boost energy and clarify your body and mind.


Glowing Skin Hover.png

A combination of antioxidants that clean your system, hydrate/enhance your skin, and give you a luminous and radiant glow.


Are you ready to start your cleanse?

Give us a call at (914) 967-2332

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