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The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

Meal Plans

Meal Plans are offered for three days or longer although we recommend at least one week for the plan to be effective.
The plans can be customized for each day so that you will never get bored.

The Customized Meal Plans are $75 per day and can even be delivered for an additional charge which varies by distance from the Cafe.

Each plan consists of the following choices each day. Please discuss your plan with our Nutritionist to make sure that it meets your needs. Call our nutritionist at (914) 967-2332 to discuss meal plans that meet your personal goals.

Every day you get:

  • Lemon Water (first thing in the morning)

  • D-Flame immune boosting anti-inflammatory (taken any time of the day)

  • Choice of Breakfast

  • Choice of Mid-Morning Juice

  • Choice of Lunch

  • Choice of Mid-Afternoon snack or soup

  • Choice of Dinner

  • Almond for Cashew Milk before bedtime to quell hunger overnight

meal plan (1).png
Image by Venti Views

Breakfast Choices

Choose one per day:

  • Oatmeal w/ Raisin

  • Overnight Oats

  • Morning Wrap

  • Simply Breakfast

  • Scrambled Tofu

  • Smoothie

  • Crepes

  • Pancakes

  • Waffle

  • Muffin

  • Parfait

Blueberries and Strawberries Pancakes
Image by Jona Novak
Image by Venti Views

Juice Choices

Choose one per day:

  • Celery Juice (Celery and nothing but celery)

  • Green Bull (Pineapple, apple, mint)

  • Green Girl (Collard Green, celery, cucumber, apple lemon)

  • Green Monster (Kale, celery, spinach, cucumber apple, parsley, romaine, 

  • ginger, lemon)

  • Joy Blast (Kale, celery, fennel, apple ginger)

  • Purifier (Beet, carrot, swiss, chard, apple, ginger, lemon)

  • Spiced Up Citrus (Orange, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, cayenne, sea salt)

Image by Venti Views

Lunch Choices

Choose one per day:

  • Omelet

  • Avocado Toast

  • Lentil Burger

  • Quinoa Burger

  • Falafel Wrap

  • Fresco Burrito

  • Nut Mozzarella Tomato, Basil & Olive Sandwich

  • Panini

  • Quesadilla

  • Walnut Chickpea Sandwich

  • Mushroom Cheesesteak Sandwich

  • Mediterranean Sampler

  • Avocado Salad

  • Mediterranean Salad

  • Nachos

  • Buffalo Cauliflower

White Bean Burger.jpg
Image by Cala
Image by Venti Views

Snack Choices

Choose one per day:

  • Empanadas

  • Falafel Balls

  • Spring Roll

  • Fresh Veggies w/ Almond Hummus

  • Fresh Veggies w/ Guacamole

  • Snack Pack (veggies, hummus, seed bread)

  • Hummus Pack with Za’atar Pita Chips



  • Choose from one of our delicious 16oz. soups

Image by Venti Views

Dinner Choices

Choose one per day:

  • Super Bowl

  • Harvest Bowl

  • Ramen Bowl

  • Taco Bowl

  • Falafel Bowl

  • Cauliflower Steak

  • Mac & Cheese

  • Penne w/ Ragu Sauce

  • Chickpea pasta with choice of sauce

  • Pesto Penne

  • Pasta w/ White Beans, Kale and Vodka Sauce

  • Spaghetti Squash & Mushroom Meatballs

  • Margherita Pizza

  • Veggie Pizza

  • Baked Sweet Potato w/ Lentil & Kale

Image by Eaters Collective
Image by Mariana Medvedeva
Image by Venti Views

Night Cap

Choose from one of these delicious nut mylks for your night cap!

  • Almond Mylk

  • Cashew Mylk

Are you ready to get started? Our on-site nutritionist is ready to help you design the perfect meal plan to achieve your goals. Click below and get started today!

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