In our last blog, we touched on the benefits of trying, or going vegan. In addition to the simple approach to meal prep, there are direct benefits you gain from not eating meat, without compromising necessary groups of vitamins, supplements, and protein. To learn a bit more about this, let’s look into what alternatives there are, and the benefits they supply.

French Letil Salad

French Letil Salad


Let Me Lent-il You Some Information

Many people are concerned that if they don’t eat enough meat, they won’t receive enough protein. So let us reassure you, some of the alternatives to meat actually carry more protein than your ribeye. Lentils alone carry nine grams of protein for every half cup when they’re cooked. Lentils can be used as a base for soup, stew, fillings for tacos, pot pies, and much more. As an added bonus, lentils are virtually fat-free for those who focus on eating lean.

Quin-oa on Protein

One of the easiest, and most versatile alternatives for protein in meat, is quinoa. Per cup, quinoa offers up to 8 grams, plus, it is one of the only meat alternatives that provides you with the nine essential amino acids your body cannot produce on their own. Cooked just like rice, quinoa can be used in salads, stir fry, wraps, or use it to add density to your casseroles. Due to the versatility of eating it hot or cold, quinoa offers a large range of opportunities that is sure to satisfy your palate.


You’re Sweet, Potato

One of the best known comfort foods, sweet potatoes, never disappoint. Though not a high source of protein (only 2 grams per cup), it is extremely versatile to use as a substitute. If you’re looking for substance with a subtle sweetness added, go no further. Known for being baked into pies, sweet potatoes also do well in a scramble, salads, or cut into fries with a little sea salt for a snack. High in vitamin A and a good source of fiber, this hearty treat is sure to keep you full and satisfied.

At Pureganic, our passion is to find the best organic, fresh ingredients, and capitalize on the delicious nature that many of them already have. Choosing healthy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the flavors you love and crave. Catering to dairy free, vegan, and gluten free, our menu is vibrant and safe to indulge in. Trust your food again and try Pureganics. We even offer delivery and carry-out for those who have a tight schedule.