The Pureganic Cafe makes all its own gluten free products fresh daily in house. We use only clean, pure, organic gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free ingredients.

Our customers’ LOVE our yummy, healthy, gluten free and homemade breads, cookies, tarts, muffins, bagels, waffles and other products. We know you will also!

Whether you purchase our baked products at the store, as part of a meal, or to take home, you know you will be enjoying a fresh, homemade, gluten free product that will satisfy your taste and not make you feel heavy or bloated. Some of our customers even swear they do not gain any weight when they eat our products, because they are made with real food that is gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free.

Our gluten free offerings currently include:

Granola & Granola Bars (w/& w/out nuts)
Bagels (plain, sesame, poppy seed, everything)
Muffins (apple/carrot, banana, blueberry, corn, etc.)*
Breads and Rolls (sliders, dinner buns, corn bread)
Formed Baked Taco Bowls
Waffles & Pancakes
Cookies (nut & nut free)
Tarts (apple, pecan, chocolate, savory)*
Cheeze Cake (made with homemade vegan cheeze)*
Macaroons (coconut, chocolate or a mixture of both)*

You can order our gluten free baked products at the store or online for pickup or delivery.

All of our baked products can be refrigerated or frozen and taste just as amazing when defrosted or reheated.

*Contains nuts