celiac-image1Gluten-free trends have skyrocketed over the last handful of years. Restaurants have taken cue and adapted their menus accordingly, offering gluten-free alternatives to many favorite dishes. While this is great news to those who are gluten sensitive or simply want to avoid gluten, there is a large difference in the effect gluten has on a sensitivity versus a disease.

Celiac’s takes the aspect of “gluten-free” to a whole new level, and requires an intentional awareness and approach to ensuring a menu is truly gluten-free. Society has set up an understanding that if you simply remove the gluten source, or use a gluten-free flour, the food itself is gluten-free. For example, let’s say croutons are taken off of a salad. According to society standards, the salad is gluten-free. This is not the case for those with Celiac.

All it takes to ignite a reaction for someone with Celiac is the sheer negligence to have a separate preparation area for all gluten-free foods. Exposure could be as minimal as a crumb. At Pureganic Cafe, we not only offer gluten-free food, we’ve taken the extra step and provided an entire menu that is Celiac safe and friendly.

Our food is prepared carefully and specifically to the standards mandatory to abide by for those with Celiac. Without compromising the taste and integrity of our food, you can trust what you order will energize you, empower you, and enlighten you to the rich and satisfying flavors of natural food.

celiac-image2This disease requires a conscious effort to be transparent in all food preparation methods and practices, something Pureganic Cafe can confidently provide. Maintaining a safe preparation environment is key to gaining the trust of our customers, an honor we don’t take lightly. When you come into Pureganic Cafe, you can trust our food to be gluten-, dairy-, and animal-free, from the preparation to the presentation.

For those on the run, we offer takeout and delivery for your convenience. Pureganic Cafe is passionate about providing nutritious food, drinks, meal plans, and cleanses that lack nothing in taste. Stop in today to try any of our breakfast, lunch, or on the go items.