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Health begins with your choices in food.

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  1. Pureganic is Kosher Certified!

    We are pleased to announce that we are now certified Kosher Vegan and Parve by Rabbi Andre Malek of RAM Kosher. Rabbi Malek is licensed by the Kosher Division of the NYS Department of Agriculture and is authorized by the State to certify Kosher. Rabbi Malek received ordination in 1972, from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and Rabbi Mendel Zaks, son in law of the Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Yisroel Meir H’Kohen. …Read More

  2. Meatballs: Part of Your Valentine Week Celebration!

    Reposted with permission from The CR Way Longevity Center of a Blog that appeared on Moshira Soliman is the owner of Pureganic Café, a trend-setting haven for healthy food in the New York area. Moshira started as a clinical nutritionist who gained experience counseling for years. Healthy folk were blessed when she created the Pureganic Café. It’s one of the few places in th…Read More

  3. Pureganic: Featured Food on Fox 5!

    The Pureganic Cafe is on a mission to redefine the concept of eating healthy. We have crafted delicious meals that are plant-based, and packed with nature's natural flavors and nutrients. We have built an extensive menu of delicious foods, juices cleanses and meal plans to help you realign your body and maximize your energy and health. You can believe us when we say you have never tasted food as …Read More

  4. BEST OF WESTCHESTER: We Need Your Help!

    It's time for the annual BEST of WESTCHESTER ballot! We are politely requesting that you help us spread the word of our plant-based, gluten-, dairy-, and animal-free cafe. As you know, we provide an amazing variety of organic, gluten free, plant-based food, drinks, cleanses and meal plans that are healthy AND delicious. Our passion is to help reach more people and help them live healthy, full liv…Read More

  5. Winning the Gamble with Gluten

    Celiac is a disease to be reckoned with if not properly, and carefully handled. Gluten-free is more than a sensitivity in this case, it’s a threat of serious illness, and even death. Above all, finding a restaurant that understands the severity of food preparation and presentation in defense of true gluten-free food, is potentially one of the most difficult aspects of celiac. To take proper pre…Read More

  6. A Healthy Thanksgiving Catering Menu

    Use The Pureganic Cafe to give you and your guests a yummy and HEALTHY Thanksgiving. Organic Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free Stuffing                                           $25.00/Quart Cranberry Sauce                         $20.00/Pint Potato Gratin                                $40.00/Tray Brussel Sprouts                          …Read More

  7. Why Try Vegan

    Going vegan has become increasingly popular over the last five to ten years. Between animal cruelty, health issues, and harmful chemicals and foods fed to the animals, our society has become a lot more sensitive to meat overall. Whatever the motivation, we as a country are starting to see a shift in food interest that is heading back to our roots, quite literally. While the motivators to leave ou…Read More

  8. Annual Halloween Window Painting

    Fall is in the air and on the streets in downtown Rye. As Purchase street closed we got to witness the hustle and bustle as the pride of our town (our youth) painted the windows of our local business'. Did a Magnificant job hosting the 64th Annual Halloween Window Painting Day, what a Success! …Read More

  9. “Confessions of a reformed Cardiologist”

    Interested in Heart Health? Please join The Pureganic Cafe as we support the Montefiore Health System & Albert Einstein College of Medicine on November 12, 2016 from 1:00-3:00pm @ Peloton in The Westchester Mall. We will be offering some of our new favorites We hope to see you there!…Read More

  10. Free $250 Nutrition Consult with Purchase of 5 Day Cleanse

    SPECIAL CLEANSE OFFER WORTH UP TO  $150.00 VALID THROUGH 11/15/16 From now through 11/15/16, come in to The Pureganic Cafe and purchase a 5 Day, day cleanse and receive a free consultation with one of our nutritionists. They will help you customize your cleanse to meet your specific objectives. Mention this Blog and discount code FREECONSULT to qualify. …Read More

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