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Health concious comfort food on Pureganics new menu

Owner Moshira Soliman’s vegan, gluten, and additive-free dishes are inspired additions

After years of developing health recipes for restaurants and months of testing samples at her new Pureganic Cafe restaurant in Rye, clinical nutritionist and town resident Moshira Soliman has just launched a carefully crafted lunch and dinner menu designed to help health-conscious eaters and those with restricted diets enjoy flavorful food. That, and to guide those unfamiliar with a plant-based diet toward discovering its many satisfying possibilities. “People have a misperception that plant-based will taste terrible, but that is not true,” Soliman says. “We view the new menu as a good starting point to get healthy or an easy way to continue to be healthy."

Soliman's goal is to reach a wider customer base with guilt-free comfort food dishes that may feel more approachable than salad bar items featuring tofu, chia, beans, fruit, and vegetable salads. It also caters to those on specific diets like Paleo or vegan, as all its offerings are additive-, gluten-, meat- and dairy-free.

Soliman's goal is to reach a wider customer base with guilt-free comfort food dishes that may feel more  approachable than salad bar items featuring tofu, chia, beans, fruit, and vegetable salads. It also caters to those on specific diets like Paleo or vegan, as all its offerings are additive-, gluten-, meat- and dairy-free.

Fox 5 - Good Day New York

The Pureganic Cafe is on a mission to redefine the concept of eating healthy. We have crafted delicious meals that are plant-based, and packed with nature's natural flavors and nutrients. We have built an extensive menu of delicious foods, juices cleanses and meal plans to help you realign your body and maximize your energy and health. You can believe us when we say you have never tasted food as pure and delicious as this! That’s why we were recently featured on FOX 5 GOOD DAY NEW YORK. Below is a description of our cafe, what we offer, and why it’s different than anything you’ve had before.

Our Food

Beef is no longer what’s for dinner, and you won’t miss it! At The Pureganic Cafe, we have crafted healthy, delectable entrees like our spaghetti squash with mushroom “meatballs”, gluten-free pasta alfredo, or stuffed bell peppers. We promise it will taste better than meat, without the bloating and heaviness. Our vibrantly colored menu options will have you hooked on healthy food in the best way possible. Everything your body needs can be found in the pure, organic foods we carry. This is bigger than being gluten-free, dairy-dairy, and animal-free in our ingredients. It’s about creating a menu that you can rely on to be yummy, fresh, organic, healthy, and beneficially nutritious. Whether you’re just starting your day, need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or want a satisfying breakfast, lunch, or dinner, our entire menu is designed to cater to your needs. Our onsite nutritionist can even help you select the right food to meet your objectives or help you feel better if you are having any dietary, health or digestive issues.

"Once you try our food, you will be amazed at how much you enjoy it and how well it makes you feel."

Our Drinks

From cold pressed juices to teas, smoothies, and lemonades, you’ll never lack satisfaction with our 16oz. drinks. On the go? Our juices are designed to provide you with satisfying nutrition and hydration. Not feeling quite up to par? Our anti-inflammatory drinks can help reduce bloating and inflammation. Craving something sweet? We offer a variety of cold pressed juices, smoothies and lemonades to curb your craving naturally and WITHOUT sugar. All of our cold pressed juices can provide you the daily nutrients and vitamins you need. In a world of food that poisons your body with toxins, purifying your systems with the natural juices of organic fruits and vegetables will reset your body, boost your immune system, and can even speed up your body’s healing time. We invite you to step into our world full of rich, full-bodied flavor. You won’t regret that you did!

Our Cleanses and Meal Plans

Healthy lifestyles don’t just happen. They are part of a conscious decision to improve your health by making healthy food part of your daily routine. At The Pureganic Cafe we design unique and delicious cleanses and meal plans that are customized to our clients’ needs. We help you get on the right track and stay there. Whether your objectives are weight loss, increased energy or wanting to feel better and improve your overall health, we can design a program to help you. The journey to a healthy life is not always easy. That’s why The Pureganic Cafe exists. To help our clients achieve their health objectives through healthy eating.

At The Pureganic Cafe, we are passionate about providing all you need for health, and all you crave in flavor. Our menu boasts beautiful, flavorful options with unique combinations you’re sure to love. Stop into The Pureganic Cafe today! In a hurry? Not to worry! We offer both takeout and delivery options, so you never have to sacrifice your health when you are on the go.

We look forward to seeing you soon !!

Living the CR Way Blog

Credit: CR Way Longevity Center

Meatballs: Part of your Valentine Week Celebration!?

By J Jones| Feb 06, 2017

Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. We invite you to celebrate Valentine Week with love from the CR Way. You’ll experience good food and camaraderie. A special visit by Moshira, the rising star of deliciously healthful organic food, will cap it off.

Moshira Soliman is the owner of Pureganic Café, a trend-setting haven for healthy food in the New York area. Moshira started as a clinical nutritionist who gained experience counseling for years. Healthy folk were blessed when she created the Pureganic Café. It’s one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy natural fresh organic food that is healthful and delicious.

Moshira has created a relaxing décor that helps Pureganic diners get in the mood to experience good food. Her creative talents are evident throughout the menu with dishes like spaghetti-squash spaghetti and “meatballs,” the taco bowl, a savory tart featuring tomato and zucchini, and tangy lentil rolls with peppers and flecks of parsley.

Like most of us who live amidst a maelstrom of unhealthy fast food, you will be thrilled when you walk into Pureganic Café and see the buffet. You'll find dishes like White Quinoa Veggie Burgers – with carrots, zucchini, onion, Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms – with tofu, tomatoes and other fresh organic veggies, a Leek and Broccoli salad – made tart with lemon, as well as other temptations.

Reinventing the Foods you Loved

Even though CR Way members are some of the healthiest people on earth, they occasionally like to get back to their cultural roots by enjoying foods they liked before they discovered the joys of healthful eating. Be of good cheer!

Moshira makes it easy for you to experience some of those classic dishes healthfully. Remember spaghetti and meatballs? Like many dishes, it may have gone by the wayside when you started to clean up your diet. But listen to this: Moshira has created a New Age “spaghetti and meatballs” dish made with spaghetti squash and mushroom meatballs: Add some tomato sauce without sugar and voila! You can enjoy this classic recipe, without guilt, at Pureganic. 

What about tacos?

Pureganic – a taco came, loaded with all kinds of goodies you’d expect in a taco. Instead of the traditional cornmeal crust, this creation was made with a nut crust. Fresh, and beautiful – all of us enjoyed it as we savored its flavors.

Now imagine your CR Way Valentine Week. It starts on Monday, the 13th, with some ideas for nurturing and better sleep you may not have thought of. On Valentine’s Day itself, we’ll send you a loving CR Way recipe that you can curl up with and enjoy or share. The CR Way Support Group will be up and running by then, so those of you, who would like to experience this lifestyle in partnership with others, can do so.

More goodies will come your way from Wednesday through Friday, and you will cap the week off with Moshira’s teleconference on Saturday, February 18, designed to help you enjoy your healthful food at a whole new level.

Enjoyment Required!

Yes, the CR Way is about science and research, and it’s also about fun. Every day is an opportunity for joy and nurturing – both giving and receiving. Your diet makes you feel good – when eating it and when contemplating it.

Looking forward to celebrating Valentine Week with you!