Our mission is to empower people to make positive diet and lifestyle changes. We strive to meet each client’s individual needs to ensure lasting success.

We do fresh. We do organic. We do yummy.

Our delicious meals, drinks and cleanses are made with one simple goal. To balance your system with the purest nutrients and minerals that raw food provides. Pure, simple, tasty. Now that’s living well.

The Pureganic Cafe, located in Rye, New York, was originally opened in 2008 as Andy’s Pure Food. In 2016 it was acquired by Moshira Soliman, a clinical nutritionist who had a vision to create a Café that serves food that is both healthy and tastes fantastic. We use only the tastiest and freshest natural ingredients for your sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and additive free meal. Our healthy offerings include a delicious variety of foods and drinks. We also offer customized meal plans and cleanses designed to meet your specific objectives. We are well known by the vegan and vegetarian communities since our food and juices include 0% animal product and are all from vegetables, grains, nuts & fruits. But you do not have to be a vegan to enjoy the fresh, delicious and creative foods and juices we offer. Additionally, we have been Kosher certified, making our food enjoyable to a wide variety of dietary restrictions and preferences.

e75d28_295a9268b4ab4b6abab740cdb8785154-mv2_d_2336_3504_s_2MEET THE OWNER

Moshira Soliman is a clinical nutritionist who gained experience counseling and helping clients for the past 15 years. Because she found that there were limited options for healthy eating, she decided to expand her practice by operating her own cafe. Here she can serve natural, fresh, organic food that was both tasty and nutritious. Her goal was to create food that not only helped her guests feel good but was also interesting and tasted good. Since opening The Pureganic Cafe, Moshira’s customers have been thrilled with the quality of the yummy food and the improved health and vitality they’ve experienced. She invites you to join the The Pureganic Cafe Family, where she will help you to discover how great tasty clean food can make you feel.