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Welcome to Pureganic Cafe!

Visit our beautiful new location in Harrison, NY. Come experience the area's most delicious vegan, kosher, organic, & gluten-free food. We now have on-site parking in our own lot to make it more convenient for YOU.

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We create plant-based meals with the best ingredients to satisfy your taste, energize your mind, and make you feel amazing.


Gourmet plant-based recipes

that are healthy & yummy!

We proudly handcraft all of our food and drinks in our own award-winning organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher kitchen. Our belief is that nutritious food should be exciting and yummy. Everything that comes out of our kitchen can be made allergen-free if requested in advance. Our goal is to be a part of your health journey by serving incredible food, offering nutrition counseling, and making it easy to get fresh vegan food delivered to your door.

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Organic Vegetables

Why is organic  so important?

We only use organic ingredients in our kitchen, and for an excellent reason. Studies have shown that organic foods can have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than other conventionally-grown foods. It's also been shown that people with allergies to preservatives, chemicals, or foods can see improvements in their symptoms, and in some cases, the symptoms completely go away when they eat only organic foods. 

Studies are still being done on the harmful effects of pesticides in conventionally-grown produce. We believe in optimal health, and an easy way to avoid pesticides is to use responsibly grown organic produce.


Cleansing is a great way to jumpstart your body’s natural detoxification process, reset your body’s metabolism, help your digestive system, and increase mental clarity. These cleanses combine with our diet meal plans to provide you with additional benefits. Cleanses can be customized to meet your specific objectives and fit with your diet meal plan. Please ask for an appointment with one of our nutritionists.

Lifestyle counseling

Meal Plans

Meal plans are designed to conveniently help you eat delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals and snacks that will make you feel great and are good for you. Each meal will help you maintain your energy, detoxify your system, and in many cases, even help you lose weight. In conjunction with our nutritionist, you will choose from a daily menu that’s tasty, interesting, and satisfying.


Your event will be delicious with our



Our allergen-free kitchen has even been certified by a Rabbi registered with the Kosher Division of the New York State Department of Agriculture, to ensure that our Kosher dishes are by the "Book".

To learn more about our kosher certification click below.


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